Players Coalition Calls for Senate to Pass the American Rescue Plan with Provisions to Support Education Equity

By Players Coalition

This month marks one year since the Coronavirus pandemic began wreaking havoc in the United States of America, leading to more than 500,000 deaths, stay-at-home orders, economic downturn and a slew of other negative side effects.

Since March of 2020, the majority of America’s 56.4 million K-12 students have had to attend classes from home at some point due to COVID-19. For students without computers and wifi at home, this causes stress and strain that frequently leads to missed classes and assignments, and ultimately falling behind in learning. This disparity between those who have, and those who lack, access to computers and the internet is what is known as The Digital Divide.

Last weekend, the House approved a $1.9 trillion pandemic relief bill, the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021, which includes provisions to support education equity. This funding includes $7 billion for an Emergency Connectivity Fund which will help support students who would not otherwise have access to electronic devices and internet needed for at-home learning.

Now, it is up to the United States Senate to pass the American Rescue Plan.

On March 3, Players Coalition sent a letter to Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell and other members of the Senate imploring their support of this vital legislation.

See below for the letter. You can also join us in rallying behind the American Rescue Plan Act by emailing or calling your state’s senators.

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